Synchro Summer Camp


Synchro Summer Camp FAQs

  • What time is the camp?
  • Why are the two camps different prices?
    Camp week 1 (May 29-June1) is Tuesday-Friday due to Memorial Day
    Camp week 2 (June 4-June 8) is Monday-Friday
  • What does my child need to bring/wear?
    Wear a swim suit and sunscreen. Bring goggles, a towel, a water bottle, a light snack, and extra sunscreen
  • How do I register my child?
    By calling or visiting any of the 4 Largo Recreation Centers (Southwest Rec Center, Highland Rec Center, etc.)
  • What will my child do at the camp?
    Learn basic synchronized swimming moves, learn basic swimming strokes, learn a routine, design a swim suit and cap, daily crafts, and perform a routine on the last day of camp
  • Can I watch the show on the last day of camp?
    Yes! The show will be at 11:30
  • Where will the camp take place?
    Southwest Recreation Center Pool
  • What age is the camp recommended for?
    6-15 years old
  • How much does the camp cost?
    Week 1 (May 29-June1):
    $60 for residents
    $75 for non residents
  • Week 2 (June 4-June 8)
    $76 for residents
    $95 for non residents
  • Does my child need to know how to swim?
    Your child just needs to be comfortable in deep water and be able to swim 25 yards